Are NanoLeaf Worth It

Are Nanoleaf Worth It? My Honest Opinion 

First of all, to get it out of the way so we don’t get stuck on it, Nanoleaf lights are cool.

Like, really cool.

If you are sitting there wondering ‘what are Nanoleaf lights?’ let me explain. These bewitching LEDs are modular light fixtures that can be programmed to an absolutely mind-boggling degree. If you’re looking for the latest in lighting and want to impress literally anybody you show them to, look in the direction of Nanoleaf Lights. From light strips which match the color on your TV to panels that react to your touch and shine gently for nighttime reading, they’re perfect for any office or workspace. With the right setup, these lights could go all over your house.

Now that I’ve made you look, I’m sure you have many pressing questions about Nanoleaf. Are Nanoleaf Lights worth the price tag? Hopefully, by going over some Nanoleaf pros and cons, I can shed some light on it for you.

I can’t promise I won’t make any more puns.

Why Are Nanoleaf Lights So Expensive?

A lot goes into the creation of cutting-edge technology and Nanoleaf lights are no exception. Before the company was given a fan-based investment on Kickstarter, no one was filling the space which Nanoleaf has since occupied. Since their inception, other companies have joined them but when you’re searching for the most reliable marketplace, age trumps beauty.

Nanoleaf has both, with not just the prestige of being the first to do it, but also a good chance at being the prettiest. With absolute top-of-the-line manufacturing, each Nanoleaf light strip or panel boasts fantastically efficient and vibrant LEDs. Having won awards for sustainability from their first range of products, Nanoleaf lights are guaranteed quality. (For example, The Nanoleaf Bloom can be easily connected to traditional light switches, saving any need for additional installation.)

Beyond their longevity and the green nature of their creation, Nanoleaf lights are also immensely powerful little pieces of tech. Being able to react to the colors of your screen, the sounds of your music, and other crazy capabilities isn’t simple and requires expensive parts to function. These secure and durable parts increase the cost of production and so do the cost of sale.

Who Are Nanoleaf Lights For?

Truthfully, anyone. Capable of being programmed to simulate a sunrise in the morning and gently calming in the evening, these artistic wall decorations can fit just as well in a bedroom as they do in a gaming lounge or office. From livening up a party to making a scary movie that is much more frightening, nearly any room can be lifted with some panels in a few strategic places.

With the rise of streaming platforms came the rise of streamers themselves. In a life that can be mostly stationary, the background of our setups has sometimes become as important as the foreground. With the Nanoleaf lights’ ability to connect to a monitor, even the back wall of someone’s bedroom can become an exciting part of the production.

Whether looking to impress or just wanting some stylish newform lights in your home, anyone can find a use for these great, reliable lighting strips.

So They’re Perfect… What’s The Catch?

Depending on your choice of lighting, the installation process can be simple or sometimes tedious. Compared to simply putting in a lightbulb or moving a lamp that you already own, the process of placing and removing the Nanoleaf lights is more arduous. The strips and panels come with double-sided tape which is ironically a blessing and a curse. The lights will stick and stay stuck unless you know what you’re doing.

There are plenty of people who don’t want to have an app for their lights, who will say that it is the toaster next or the toilet that will become smart. (There’s smart kitty litter trays, belts and toilets already, though.) Simply put, you could say Nanoleaf lights are hit or miss. If you don’t love the look of them, their function isn’t likely to make you more of a fan. There are still those out there who hold out on upgrading to smart functionality and to them I say “Why are you here?”

Let’s take a look at some of the Nanoleaf pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Stylish, efficient and modular light sources
  • Can go anywhere you like
  • Shut the lights off while already in bed

The Cons

  • Requires a smartphone and smart capabilities
  • Comes in on the pricier side of lighting options

Are Nanoleaf Lights For You?

Nanoleaf Lights are a charming difference from the standard bulbs and bars which we have all seen daily. Combined with surround sound, Nanoleaf lights can make your movie-watching experience more immersive, while you turn down the other lights from the comfort of your sofa. 

More than just giving you a change of scenery, Nanoleaf lights can change your routine and help you keep it. Studies have shown the human body reacts to different wavelengths of light differently and by using this science, Nanoleaf may be an answer to a problem you didn’t know you were having. Too much blue or green light can cause sleeplessness, while red light can promote rest. Having a bedside light that knows what time of day it is allows the light itself to be rejuvenating and revitalizing at different points throughout the day.

Well? Are Nanoleaf Lights Worth It?

The answer to that question, as always, is it depends on your budget. 

Ranging from as low as $19.99 for an individual bulb to large, multi-thousand-dollar bundles, they’re certainly an expensive alternative to traditional lighting. With a “starter kit” coming in at just under $80, you might find yourself waiting for the next sale.

However, if you are able to purchase some, they are environmentally friendly to both produce and to use. With an ever-increasing set of capabilities, the modular nature shines as one set of lights gets moved from room to room alongside your feng shui needs.

Your only issue once you buy the starter set is needing to get a set for each room of your house!

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