Deus ex Mankind Divided Preview

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Preview

Announcement Trailer

The return of Adam Jensen is imminent – 23rd of August is the day when we will be able to get our hands on a sequel to that iconic game released five years ago – Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This game was finished a month before it’s release date, so there should not be any delays.


The story of Mankind Divided takes place two years after the events shown in Human Revolution.

The player will be put right in the middle of a conflict between the modified humans (Augs, which derives from Augmented) and those without any modifications embedded into their bodies. To make player decisions even more difficult, you will have to juggle between working with Interpol and cooperating with a hacker group.

Choices like this are what give Deus Ex series a unique kick – just like it was in the Human Revolution, decisions made by the player will result in different outcomes, which can lead to different treatment by NPC’s and even specific endings.

For those wondering, if there will be anything new compared to the Human Revolution – definitely yes, it will. Besides the increased number of augmentations that will be given to a player, it is also confirmed there will be totally new play mode called Breach.

Breach mode will derive from the main story and from what is known right now at this time, the player will not be playing as Adam Jensen but as Ripper – a hacker, and your main objective during this play mode will be to infiltrate and obtain the data.


Eidos Montreal was not able to avoid some controversies going on their newest production – due to the use of the term ‘mechanical apartheid’, their game was labeled as racist. However, the studio stood united and explained the logic behind that – racism is part of human nature, and they wanted to show it.

Another wave of criticism was directly connected to the pre-order system which they introduced at first – the more people preorder, the more content everyone would receive. This time, the company took the blame and changed the system – the content of the pre-order no longer depends on the volume sold.

Recently, they are also received a lot of negative publicity due to the use ‘Augs Lives Matter’ – the charge is that it was ripped out from context and is a pure marketing trick, just to sell more games.
What do you think, is it possible for a game to break walls and touch difficult topics? Or is it unavoidable for developers in that kind of situation and they are bound to become the targets of hate? Another example that comes to mind is the (in)famous mission which involved shooting at the airport in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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