Gaming Room Themes

Gaming Room Themes

We have said it before and we will say it again. A gaming room theme is essential for a boss-level battlestation. I guarantee that if you reflect on some of your favorite setups, every single one of them will use a theme to tie their gaming room together in one way or another.

I’ll admit, the term ‘theme’ is a pretty broad concept around these parts. A theme can be anything from showing your enthusiasm for your favorite movie (we have plenty of thoughts on this), adopting a minimalist philosophy, or simply using some awesome gaming room accessories that have underlying links. 

So, before you start dropping some serious cash on your new setup, make sure to spare a thought about what theme you are going for.

The Best Gaming Room Themes

Star Wars

star wars Gaming theme room

This is by are the most popular theme out there. It seems every second gamer has something in their setup that pays homage to this cult classic. Don’t take that in a bad way though, many of our favorite setups show respect to the galaxy far, far away. 

When it comes to Star Wars-themed gaming rooms, it seems there are two approaches. The first is an all-out, senses overload of Star Wars. I’m talking room remodels to mimic the Millennium Falcon, full-size wall decals, and of course plenty of themed furniture.

The next, more elegant approach, is a light sprinkling of memorabilia. Combining a Star Wars theme with a minimalist approach is a great way to show some love to your favorite movie without comprising the aesthetics of your room.

Some of our favorite accessories of these themes include Stormtrooper helmets, wall-mounted lightsabres, original movie posters, and of course those adorable Funko Pop figurines.


Minimalist Gaming Room Theme

When a gamer is looking for that delicate balance between class and cool, a minimalist gaming setup is usually called upon.

The great thing about a minimalist theme is that they not only make some of the most aesthetically pleasing setups, but they are also one of the cheapest to implement. The quality over quantity approach to your room will de-clutter your setup and add buckets of character.

After spending the last few weeks researching minimalist gaming setups, we have picked up on a few frequently used ticks. The most common tricks include utilizing wall-mounts for monitors, speakers and even PCs, as well as practicing good cable management. 

If you want all our top tips as well as buckets of inspiration, make sure to check out our recent minimalist gaming setup guide.


Natural gaming room theme

A nature theme goes hand-in-hand with a minimalist approach, but because they are so damn cool, that they deserve their very own category. 

Plants are one of the best room accessories you can and not only make your room look great, they also come with a bunch of positive benefits.

From the simple benefits of adding some life and color to your room, to the less understood ones like their photosynthesis magic or stress-reducing properties, the mental and physical benefits are really hard to ignore. 

You don’t need me to tell you that house plants come with the slight inconvenience of needing some TLC every now and then. If you have a track record of killing houseplants (who doesn’t?) then make sure to invest in some slightly more forgiving plants that won’t hate you if you forget to water them for a week or two.


Marvel Themed Gaming Room

The Marvel cinematic universe is a money-making goliath, that has secured itself as the biggest movie franchise ever. Naturally, most gamers can appreciate a billion-dollar sci-fi movie jam-packed with CGI action. 

There are plenty of gamers who take that love to the next level their own Fortress of Solitude (I know, Superman is DC). Much like Star Wars, your superhero theme can be as obvious or inconspicuous as your like.

When it comes to room accessories, you are going to be spoilt for choice. If you want to go big, why not try out a full-size Iron Man statue or the Captain’s shield? Or if you want to go more subtle, an Arc Reactor on your desk would look too.


RGB Gaming room

The RGB revolution is bringing futuristic vibes to setups the world over. 

There are plenty of tips and tricks to getting the perfect lighting setup, but if there’s one piece that stands out the most, it’s the Light panels. Light Panels (also known as RGB or LED panels) seem to be a part of everyone’s setup these days, and in this world, Nanoleaf is king. 

Nanoleaf, and others like it, usually use mobile apps to control the light settings, integrate with smart speakers, and offer complete control over the shape and layout of your panels.


Best Sim Racing Setup

SIM racers are constantly in pursuit of creating the most realistic setups to enhance the adrenaline-pumping experience of race day.

 A good SIM racing setup is going to but a big dent in your wallet, especially if you are on a budget.

If SIM racing isn’t your thing, don’t be too quick to rule a racing-themed gaming room out just yet. If you are a seasoned NASCAR or F1 fan, you can always pay homage to your favorite motorsport.


Nintendo Gaming room theme

Mario, Pokemon, Link, Donkey Kong, are some of the fan favorites to have come out of the Nintendo universe.

From adopting the Pokemon color scheme for your room to turning your TV into a massive Switch, don’t be afraid to make your own twist on the Nintendo theme. If you are a PC gamer, don’t forget the Razer Pikachu-themed peripherals that were realized in 2020. 

Unfortunately, limited edition designs of the Hammerhead True Wireless, Deathadder and Ornata were only released in a handful of Asian countries. So if you had your heart set on some Pokemon peripherals, be prepared to some hunting for a good re-sale deal.


Gaming Room Color

Sometimes a few wisely chosen cans of paint and coordinated peripherals is all it takes to create a jaw-dropping gaming room theme.

There’s certainly a trick to choosing a well-balanced palette, but once you get it right, your game room is going to POP. 

By far the most common color scheme of gaming setups is the black and white combo. This time-tested classic is a hard one to beat.


Pink gaming theme

If it’s a pink gaming theme you are after, then there are a few ways you could go about it. 

Of course, there are plenty of great pink peripherals you could buy to kit our your pink palace (have you seen the Razer BlackWidow or Viper?). If you want something slightly more subtle, then an elegant RBG setup that uses a few pink lights is a great way to add color to your setup without having to invest a small fortune in pink gaming peripherals.

What’s your favorite gaming room theme? 

That’s it folk, our top nine gaming room themes. Of course, this is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to themed gaming rooms, and your only limit is your imagination. 

What theme are you going to use for your gaming room?