how much does it cost to build a game room

How much does it cost to build a game room

I hate to break it to you, but if you want your room to look like some of the best gaming setups out there, you’re going to have to fork out some serious cash.

How much money you are going to have to part with varies greatly depending on a few key factors. From all the costs you are going to incur, it is probably these three elements that will have the biggest impact on your gaming room budget:

  • The Room
  • The PC/Console & Peripherals
  • The Accessories  

What is the average cost of a gaming room?

The average cost of gaming rooms is about $10,200  based on the 50 rooms we shortlisted. Budget builds start at around $3,000, with some people easily spending $30,000+ on their gaming rooms.

NOTE: This price does not take into account the cost of the building or room, of which a rental or mortgage cost would most likely need to be considered.

Breaking down the cost of a gaming room

gaming room cost

The Room

Your room or gaming space (wherever it may be) is going to have a big impact on your budget. 

Of course, if you don’t have a spare room available, the chances are you are going to have to add an extra room to your house. According to Home Advisor, it cost the average cost of adding a room to your home can set you back anywhere between $20,000 – $40,0000.

Fortunately, I am certain most people who will read this guide already have space in their homes for a gaming room. So, unless you plan on a quick remodel to include some hidden contraptions (which would be totally awesome) I’m going to move on.

The real way room your rooming is going to impact your budget and ability to build a bitchin’ battlestation is by how much space you have. 

Even if you have the nicest cupboard bedroom in the world, it’s not going to take much more than a laptop and a lick of paint before it’s full. 

Equally, if you have more space than the Lakers changing room, you are probably going to have to spend significantly more money on stuff to fill that space. Then again, if you can afford a room that big, I am sure you wouldn’t be reading this.

gaming peripherals

The Peripherals & PC (Or console)

This is the place where most gamers blow their budget – and rightly so. After all, who doesn’t want a wall-mounted PC growling away as you pile up the kills on the battlefield?

Your room should be set up with your favorite style in mind, so whether you are a PC or console gamer, there’s a perfect setup waiting to be crafted from your 3D canvas. 

For the PC Gamers out there, Your essential peripherals are going to include a chair, desk, keyboard, mouse, and monitor or two.

A very thrifty PC gamer might be able to pull all that together for under $1,000, you still, of course, need a rig to play on. Realistically, a budget of $2,000+ is what you are going to need to build that battle station you are drooling over. 

 If you a more of a console gamer, then you are going to a different, somewhat simpler, set of tools. Make sure to get the essentials like a killer 4K TV, a couple of controllers and a few chairs for those times you need to remind your friends who is the Cherif around these parts. 

 Excluding the console of your choice, you are probably looking at around $1,000 for a nice set of console gaming peripherals.

IMPORTANT: remember, whether you are a PC player or console crusher, never forget about a booming sound system.

how much does it cost to build a game room

The Accessories

If you haven’t blown all your money on an i9 processor and a Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro already, spare a thought for your room’s accessories.

After all, building a killer room takes a lot more than owning a small fortune in PC parts.

This is the time when you make the room something completely unique to you and not something straight out of an Ikea catalog (no diss to Ikea gaming setups intended).

Letting your personality shine by showing off your rare toy collection, intriguing movie memorabilia, or even your favorite game replicas. Let your creativity run wild, I dare you.

If you a looking for a setup that is worthy enough to make it onto our Best Gaming Room list, then make sure to put some thought into the aesthetics of your room. The easiest ways to do this are by using a theme or color palette

If you are on a budget, a minimalist gaming setup is exactly what you should be thinking about. These types of setups are elegant and aesthetically pleasing enough to hide how much of a cheap-ass you are. Just joking, don’t hurt me.

We all want a room that’s going to blow people’s minds, so make sure to have at least $500 to splash out for your accessories and room design.

Feel poor yet?

There you have it, our fairly-vague breakdown on how much it costs to build a game room. 

I am sure you have realized by this point, the final bill of a gaming room varies massively from player to player and really comes down to how much money you have to spend. 

If you are looking for some tips and inspiration for a budget gaming room, we have something in the works you might like. Stay tuned!