How to install Nanoleaf Lights

How To Install Nanoleaf Lights 

So, you finally did it. You bought those new Nanoleaf lights you were debating with yourself over. Congratulations, they’re gorgeous… but are you ever going to actually take them out of that box? 

I know it’s intimidating but once the panels are out of the box you can see what you’re working with. Whether you’ve gone for the hexagons, the triangles or the smaller mini-triangles, getting them onto your walls couldn’t be much simpler.

As this is your first time, you’ve probably gone for the starter set, right? Well, the set comes with Nanoleaf’s own mounting panels, Nanoleaf mounting tape, and linkers to hold them all together. With all of this in hand, you need only one other thing before you get started.

A little imagination.

Now, let’s find out how to install Nanoleaf lights!

Step 1 – Design The Layout You Love

Before throwing mounting tape onto your walls without a thought, stop and think about how to panels will look once you’re finished. Without a proper idea in mind, you may end up wanting to shift the panels around over and over. To spare your walls and wallet the cost of using all that mounting tape, we suggest laying the panels out on a table or other flat surface to get a picture of how the finished product will look.

Whether you’ve got the perfect setup already or are still debating, it is recommended to connect your panels together with the linkers provided and attach the power supply unit (or PSU) to one of them. 

Choose a panel from your setup as the main starter panel and then attach all your needed linkers before attaching any panels to the wall. Plug that PSU into your outlet and watch those beautiful babies light up.

If you’re still not sure what you want the panels to look like or are having a hard time visualizing, that’s completely fine. Just move on to the next step, which should help with that.

If you need some inspiration, here are the most popular designs to get you started.

Step 2 – Download The Nanoleaf App

You can find links to the app here, for whichever device you choose. While the lights can be controlled to a basic degree by the controller which comes with the starter set, the app is where you can get really creative. It is in the app that you can set the day and night cycle for your Nanoleaf panels, set up and download different scenes and much more.

To pair your device with the Nanoleaf panels you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi. Then pairing is simple. Go into the Nanoleaf App, click the “More” option (the 3 dots in the corner), then choose “My Devices/Devices”, press the “+” to add a device, and just follow along with the rest of the process. 

The easiest way to pair is through NFC, which can be done by tapping your phone against the controller. There’s also a QR code on the PSU or Controller; you’ll need to see these numbers or be able to scan the code which is why we suggest doing this step before putting your Nanoleaf panels onto your walls.

Referring to the earlier step, if you were having trouble picturing the layout, Nanoleaf’s app has you covered. Their website has quite a few designs (available to check out here) but the personal touch can be found in the Layout Assistant. With access to your phone’s camera, you can use augmented reality to see exactly how the panels will look once they’re mounted.

Step 3 – Preparing The Landing Zone

We’ve got our layout ready. Our panels are all working and prepared for the next step of their journey. So are you.

It’s Nearly time to put them on the walls. But how do you mount Nanoleaf panels?

To keep your precious Nanoleaf from falling off the wall, you’re going to want to do everything properly. First, that means cleaning the surface you’ll be mounting the Nanoleaf to. Walls and surfaces pick up oils and dust that can be invisible to our eyes but just do it anyway. A cloth and some water will do. Wait for the walls to dry after you’ve cleaned them and then you can get started.

Step 4 – Applying The Nanoleaf Mounting Tape

If you have chosen the Nanoleaf Elements as your style, you don’t have as much to think about here as they have the mounting tape already attached to the mounting plates. For shapes such as hexagons or triangles, you’ll have to place the mounting tape on yourself. You’re going to want to use a little extra, so the edge hangs off the mounting plate slightly. This way, if you want to move them later, it’s quick and simple.

There’s not much more to it. Nanoleaf mounting tape is strong and the lights aren’t heavy. Ensure the tape is stuck flat against the wall and your work should be done. Look upon your illuminating work with the pride of a job well done.

If you have the older Nanoleaf version without the mounting plate, you’ll need to stick mounting tape to each corner, leaving some excess tape to make removal easier.

Optional Step 5 – For Complex Designs

Nanoleaf have a screw mount kit (available here) which is recommended when placing your Nanoleaf panels on angled or textured surfaces, across ceilings or when using heavier layouts of many panels.

This type of installation requires screws and anchors, so make sure you’re confident with a more intricate and long-lasting setup before you begin. Shapes and Elements use this same mounting plate, with two holes ready prepared for screws. These plates can be snapped off the Nanoleaf lights. Simply screw the mounting plate to your surface before snapping the lights back on.

What If I Have Nanoleaf Canvas?

The process for Nanoleaf Canvas requires just a little more, as their mounting plates are not attached to begin with and they need a slightly different mounting kit. This guide is for the more basic installation so it is recommended you look for a more specific tutorial with Nanoleaf Canvas.

Are Your Nanoleaf Falling Off Walls?

So you think you’ve done everything right, but your Nanoleaf panels keep falling off the wall. Not ideal. Especially after spending all that time coming up with a unique design and mourning them one by one on the wall.

If your Nanoleaf lights keep falling off the wall, here are a few things you can do.

Clean The Wall

Did you definitely clean the wall? Be honest. Or did you give it a one wipe wonder and a quick blow to get the dust off?

Cleaning your wall properly is really important in getting the Nanoleaf panels to stick on. Use a damp cloth and wipe the wall thoroughly. If you want to really make sure you get all the oils and dust, try using alcohol rub.

Wait For The Wall To Dry

Did you stick your Nanoleaf panels on the wall while it was still damp from cleaning it? If so, that probably wasn’t your wisest move. Any sort of moisture renders tape completely useless. So, before mounting your panels, make sure the wall is completely dry.

Is Your Wall Textured?

Have you perhaps tried to stick your lights onto a wall will texture and bumps? If the wall isn’t smooth, the Nanoleaf mounting tape will not stick properly onto the wall. If you have textured walls, then you are better off screwing in your Nanoleaf. Effort, I know. But if you don’t want to keep losing your lights to gravity, you might need to get that dusty drill out of the basement. 

Buy Stronger Command Strips

I know you’ve just spent a small fortune on lights but if you want them to stay on the wall and not on the floor, you might need to get yourself some stronger sticky tapes or pads. Velcro strips also work really well and make dismounting them a lot easier. 

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