JL Comfurni gaming chair review

JL Comfurni Gaming Chair Review

Finding a budget-friendly gaming chair that doesn’t comprise quality is always a tall order, but the JL Comfurni is a cheap chair that packs a punch.

Some features (mainly the armrest, wheels, and chair base) are of lower quality than premium gaming chairs. Nevertheless, if you are looking rock-bottom budget chair, this could be the best choice currently on the market.


The price
2D Armrests
170° back recline


 No armrest padding
The plastic base and wheels
The tilt mechanism

Let’s face it, we all want a high-quality gaming chair without a high-quality price. There’s no shortage of cheap(ish) gaming chairs out there, but that age-old antidote ‘you get what you pay for’ applies just as much to gaming chairs as anything else in life.

After a quick search on Amazon or eBay, you might have stumbled across the range of JL Comfurni gaming chairs. With a very reasonable price tag and some of the features you would expect to find on more expensive chairs, the JL Comfurni looks like a tempting choice.

After stumbling across their latest model on amazon myself, I decided it was time to put it to the test. I had seen both positive and negative reviews of these chairs, so I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

I bought one of their chairs, and after several months of intense use, I think it is time for a full JL Comfurni gaming chair review.

Here are my results!

Jl Comfurni Gaming Chair Review

First things first, let me explain some of the reasons why I thought the JL Domfurni gaming chair was a tempting budget pick. 

I wanted a gaming chair that would be good for office work. Working from home has become hugely important for a lot of us recently, so finding a chair that would allow me to work, and game, comfortably for long periods of time was important. 

Because some of the ‘luxury’ features of the JL Comfurni aren’t usually found on budget chairs (the 170° recline, 2D armrests and tilt mechanism) I was intrigued to find out how good they really are were. 

Another, less important factor, why I decided to try this chair was purely for the aesthetics. I really liked the minimalist design and thought it would look great in my gaming setup. Pathetic, I know.

Nevertheless, I ordered my chair from Amazon, which arrived within 4 days. Here’s the parcel I received. 

JL Comfurni Delivery

The parcel is about 20kgs and like every gaming chair, it doesn’t come assembled, so get ready for a bit of manual labor. The chair comes equipped with all the screws and tools you need to assemble, although if you have a magnetic screwdriver handy, I would definitely recommend using that instead. 

The chair of course also comes with instructions on how to put it together. While they aren’t as clear as Ikea flat pack instructions, with a bit of guesswork,  you should manage to get the chair put together in about 45 minutes. If you can, I would suggest getting an extra hand from a family member or friend, as there is a bit of a balancing act involved.

JL Comfurni chair parts

The Armrests

The armrests were one of the biggest influences on my decision to by the JL Comfurni gaming chair. Not only are the armrests vertically adjustable, they also swivel left and right. In the world of gaming chairs, this is known as a 2D armrest, as it allows 2 dimensions of adjustable movements.

Although primum gaming chairs like the Secretlab Omega or Corsair T2 Road Warrior use 3D and 4D armrests, most budget chairs used fixed armrests, with no adjustable mechanisms whatsoever.  It’s pretty simple really, more mechanical movement means more parts (and money) to manufacture the chair.

I was therefore surprised that the JL Comfurni comes with 2D adjustable armrests, considering the rock-bottom price. I am happy to report that the armrests are great, and work wonders for finding that perfect position whilst hammering the keyword. There is also a slight curvature to the rests, which allows your arms to rest naturally on them.

The biggest downside to the armrests are the lack of padding in them. After a while, you might find they become slightly uncomfortable, especially around the elbow area. That said, this isn’t a big enough deal-breaker, the armrests are exactly what you would expect, if not better, for a gaming chair of this price.

JL Comfurni Armrest

The Tilit & Recline

JL Comfurni gaming chair review

Another big selling point of this chair is the recline angle. Usually, most budget chairs recline to roughly 150°, the JL Confurni gaming chair, on the other hand, can recline up to 170°. 

 I admit, there is no massive benefit to this extra 20° recline, but it’s great being able to (almost) recline completely vertical and take a load off.

Perhaps the more important feature here is the rocking mechanism. I love a chair with a good tilting function to it, and this was actually one of my criteria when looking for a new chair. Unfortunately, I am pretty underwhelmed with the rocking mechanism on the JL Comfurni gaming chair.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, maybe I am used to the mechanical brilliance of Secretlab, but the tilt of this chair could almost be mistaken as a loose screw on the wheelbase. The tilt is very limited, and probably not even worth the extra weight.

The Foam & Support Pillows

The foam is the unsung hero of desk chairs. When we talk about the ‘durability’ or the ‘life expectancy of a chair, this usually comes down to the foam inside the chair. 

Cold cure foam is often considered the ‘creme de la creme’ of furniture foam. The foam is poured into the chair’s frame and once left, will harden. Standard foam, on the other hand, is cut and fitted into the chair.  

Of course, this chair just uses normal foam. While it feels great at first, it does lose a lot of the padding the more you use it. While my chair has certainly lost that spongy-new feel, after several months of intense use, it’s surprisingly comfortable. 

If you have been cursed with a bad back like me, then lumbar support is essential. The lumbar and neck pillow are pretty good, and nice additions to this budget chair.

Budget gaming chair backrest

Should you buy a JL Comfurni Gaming Chair?

 As far as budget gaming chairs go, this is one of the best out there.

Remember – you get what you pay for! I don’t understand people on Amazon who buy the cheapest possible option, then complain when they don’t work like the premium models. Yes, the chair makes a few squeaks here and there, the foam will compress the more you sit on it. 

There are a few flaws to this chair, but show me a budget chair that doesn’t. if you don’t want to spend north of £200 on a gaming chair, then you have to expect a few things to give.

So, should you get the JL Comfurni gaming chair? If you are on a rock-bottom budget, then yeah, go for it, you won’t find anything better for this price. 

If you do have a little wiggle room on price, then I would suggest having a look at the GTPlayer gaming chair.