Mass Effect Andromeda Preview

Mass Effect Andromeda Preview

You’ve played the trilogy, now get ready for the newest edition to the Mass Effect games.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was officially announced on June 15, 2015, during the Electronic Arts (EA) press conference at E3. The game is to be released in March 2017. The Sci-fi RPG Trilogy was a big hit, making the fans have so many emotional moments for each and every part of the game-play.

The action-packed trilogy won countless awards due to its strong development and great story. Of course, some fans weren’t too satisfied with the ending as it was not a happy one.

Unlike its previous titles, Mass Effect: Andromeda will have an open world system giving players the freedom to move around and explore the planets as they please which is what Bioware tries to tell us with the statement “A big open world is a big thing the team is trying to embrace, and that’s expressed through those amazing looking planets.”

So, Are you ready to jump into the action?

The teaser trailer released during N7 day revealed many sneak peeks of the game which ignited fans’ curiosity. There will be new Aliens, new planets, new companions, new weapons, new suits and, of course, new enemies.

The Mako (A six-wheeled vehicle used in Mass Effect 1) is also going to be making a return in the title. We also know that you will miss hearing “This is Commander Shepard of the Normandy” but, Mass Effect: Andromeda will be a new beginning for everyone with a different Main Character and a different Universe. You will have new companions to fall in love with although nothing would replace the corny jokes by Garrus Vakarian, the rivalry between Jack and Miranda, Mordn’s singing or our tank baby Grunt.

Many fans had hopes that in the new game they would have the freedom to choose what Alien race they want to be, but the developers have kept the selection to just a male or female human being. This was a slight disappointment, but the amazing build up of the game will make up for it as the trailer shows some amazing scenes which drove the fans insane. They did not show much but enough to start a hype.

Here’s The Latest Trailer :

The trailer shows us that the Asari, the Salarians, and the Krogans are still there. So, to the fans that fell in love with the species, you’re in luck . We also see an Alien that looks similar to the Brute (Reaper Alien) from Mass Effect 3. It also shows us the ship similar to the Normandy called the Tempest, this would be like Nostalgia for the fans. Also, let’s not forget The Ark which looks similar to the Citidal.
We also believe that the Alien races that will be looking for a home in Andromeda had left the Milky Way during the Reaper war which could mean that they have no idea whether the Reapers destroyed the previous Galaxy or not. The developers revealed that the role of our character would be to find humanity a new home so our character could be an Explorer, A Soldier or even a Leader.

The last but not the least revelation, The Ryder family name. We believe that the game features the main character with the last name as Ryder. We saw the first trailer that there was a man in a suit exploring the planets. Bioware said that he was not the main character but, in the trailer he had a dog tag with the name “Ryder” . The man in the suit is rumored to be the sibling of the main character. Fans think that if we pick a gender, the gender of the sibling would depend on it similar to the concept in Dragon Age ll. Also another fan theory, the sibling could be lost or be the villain in the story. The Trilogy showed no members from the family of Commander Shepard, so this could be a different approach to the story.

Brute (Mass Effect 3)

We are also expecting the traditional Mass Effect Loyalty missions so don’t worry , you will still get the Mass Effect feeling you got when you played the trilogy .Also staying the same, you will get to pick two companions to accompany you on missions. We’re still not sure about the newer Alien species but hold on to your seats; there will be more news soon.
Bioware announced that the game would be using DICE’s Frostbite three engine which was also used in Dragon Age: Inquisition, giving the game a more realistic look than the previous versions. So, we’re expecting a lot of things from the upcoming release. Great graphics, a great story and new ways to make the players feel emotions throughout the game-play which is what makes Bioware’s Titles special. So keep your gaming platforms prepared because you’re in for a space adventure!

“This is Commander Shepard, signing off.” — N7 day.

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