Why do gamers have 3 monitors? 

Us gamers LOVE screens. Whether it’s a plasma TV, a curved LED monitor or an old-school Gameboy, we are like moths to light when we see those pixels glow. Like any avid collector, most gamers take the view that the more screens you have in your collection, the better.

If you are thinking about upgrading your gaming room, and your budget allows for it, then adding a couple of extra screens to your space might just be the best way to take your setup to the next level.

But why do gamers have 3 monitors anyway? What are the benefits? Is PC gaming with 3 monitors better? And do I need 3 monitors? 

These are all great questions. In this guide, we will touch on why gamers have 3 monitors if you should do it too, as well as a few other triple monitor gaming FAQ’s.

So, why do gamers have 3 monitors?

A lot of people opt for a triple monitor gaming setup usually for one of four reasons.

1. For Multi-Screening 

Let’s face it, we gamers live for convenience. Most of us design our setups to make our lives as easy (and comfortable) as possible.

Convenience is by far one of the biggest benefits of a triple monitor gaming setup. The majority of gamers have the main screen, which they use for gaming, while the second and third monitors are used as support screens.

Many gamers use their side screens to play music, stream youtube or display some mission-critical information as they play.

Could all this be done with one monitor and just a couple of extra tabs open? Sure, but where’s the fun in that?!

2. It’s Immersive 

Since the beginning of the video game evolution, it’s always been about making gaming experiences as immersive as possible. Hyper-realistic graphics, customizable avatars – and of course – virtual reality gaming, were all created to draw us deeper into our favorite franchises.

It’s not just software upgrades that enhance our experiences either. Curved Monitors, gaming chairs with speakers and the ButtKicker are all great examples of hardware that has evolved to make our gaming experiences better than ever. 

And when it comes to visuals, a triple monitor (or an ultrawide one) is about as immersive as it gets. That near 180° field of vision is a huge advantage in the gaming world, especially if you are partial to racing and flying simulators, where lightning-quick reactions and processing visual information is critical. 

PC gaming with 3 monitors is very common, with a huge amount of games now supporting multi-monitor gaming and AMD Eyefinity technology expanding the limits of traditional PC gaming. 

That said, it might not be worth playing certain types of games on a triple monitor. From our experience, FPS like Call of Duty isn’t the best for triple monitor gaming as your view field of vision doesn’t increase, but rather stretched across all the monitors. 

Many gamers use their side screens to play music, stream youtube or display some mission-critical information as they play.

Could all this be done with one monitor and just a couple of extra tabs open? Sure, but where’s the fun in that?!

PC gaming with 3 monitors

3. It Makes You More Productive

I admit, the words ‘gaming’ and ‘productivity is rarely used in the same sentence, but bear with me here.

Research has shown that using multiple monitors in a work setting can significantly improve productivity. An interesting study conducted in 2004 that tested the output of workers using dual monitors found an improvement in productivity by 10%, and an amazing 33% reduction in mistakes. 

So if your battlestation is also your home office, then this in itself offers a huge benefit. But from a gaming perspective, having those extra monitors will allow you to have the game map, tutorials or critical information, all of which will enhance your gameplay.

4. It looks awesome!

This is probably the single biggest reason why most of us will double down on a triple monitor setup. These things look so damn cool.

Whether you are battling it out on your favorite MMO or simply just showing off a multi-monitor background, a 3 monitor gaming setup is a sure sign you mean business.

Triple Monitor FAQS

Q1: What are the pros and cons of dual monitors?

There are plenty of pros and cos of dual monitor gaming. Here’s the quick summary to each side of the argument.

The Positives

  • More productive
  • More screen real estate
  • Less tabs, less clutter
  • It looks awesome
  • Great for racing games

The Negatives:

  • Uses a lot of space
  • Expensive 
  • More power consumption
  • Multiple monitors result in more neck rotation and can cause discomfort in the shoulder and neck area.


Q2: Do I need 3 monitors?

The short answer is no, you don’t need 3 monitors. In the same way you don’t need a second dessert, you still want it. 

In honesty, gaming MMO or FPS gamers will probably benefit from just using a single monitor, the real winners of triple monitor gaming setup will be those who enjoy their SIM racing and flight simulator programs.


Q3: Should I use 2 or 3 monitors for gaming?

Using 2 or 3 monitors for gaming really comes down to personal preference, and of course your budget. If most gamers use their second and third monitors and secondary screens, then it really comes down to how many tasks you plan on juggling at any one time. 

Our advice? Make sure you have a killer main monitor. Whatever budget your have left can then be used on a few decent, less pricey, ones. 


Q4: Why do streamers use 3 monitors? 

You have probably noticed a lot of streamers use 3 monitors and this is because of the massive benefit of muli-screening.  Most streamers will keep a close eye on their Twitch channel, instant messages and OBS as they stream. 

Using a single monitor would make it nearly impossible to keep track of this additional information, hence the need for a couple of extra screens.


Q: How do you setup 3 monitors for gaming?

Setting up 3 monitors for gaming can be a little bit tricky. Here’s a great tutorial on how to get your 3 monitor setup gaming ready. Make sure you get yourself gaming desk for 3 monitors before you start!